So far I’ve worked on over 20 games (including some board games) in various roles. The vast majority of them are student projects, but a few are commercial projects that have launched. Below, you’ll find information on some of the more notable projects and my experiences with them.


The Haunted Graveyard

  • The Haunted Graveyard is a family-friendly VR horror experience built in Unreal 4. It’s intended as an introductory game for those new to VR (who also want to be spooked a bit)
  • As a gameplay programmer for this project, I was in charge of the player controller with a focus on the locomotion system
  • I also spent a lot of time on implementing certain sequences, as well as bug fixing and performance improvements


Mixer Mini Golf

  • Mixer Mini Golf is a game I’ve been working on as part of the Gaming Growth team here at Microsoft. Any viewer who is logged into Mixer can join the game and play in their browser or app along with anyone else currently viewing/playing.
  • The core game is similar to that of most golf games, with the major difference being that you’re competing in front of and against a large audience. Another defining feature is that we allow the winner of each round choose the next level and even edit that map if they wish.
  • Using Unity, I helped build an initial prototype for the game and then re-joined the project after launch to help add more levels and obstacles to keep the community engaged.


How May I Haunt You?

  • DigiPen – Junior & Senior Year Project / PC + Oculus Rift / 2016 – 2018
  • How May I Haunt You? is a VR adventure game in which you play as a ghost in a town where ghosts and humans co-exist, using their crazy powers to help humans in need.
  • During my time on this project I worked as both a producer and a technical designer. We used UE4 to build the game and I learned quite a lot about it, especially in regards to the VR development aspects of it.
  • Featured at DigiPen’s PAX West 2017 booth



Fusion Force: How to Ruin an Alien Wedding

  • DigiPen – Sophomore Year Project / PC + Gamepad / 2015 – 2016
  • Fusion Force is a 2D action shoot ’em up where you control a squad of combine-able space ships as you defend your planet from an alien force that conquers planets as part of a wedding tradition.
  • I was the producer for the team of nine students that created this, as well as an audio and gameplay programmer for the project. Including the extra time we spent polishing the game leading up until PAX West 2016, we spent almost a full year developing it. I learned a lot about being a producer as well as picking up some experience with Lua and FMOD while working on Fusion Force, and I’m incredibly proud of the finished product.
  • Featured at DigiPen’s PAX West 2016 booth

I Need a Doctor!

  • Mercer County Community College / Semester-long Group Project / PC / 2014
  • I Need a Doctor! is a 3D Third-Person rogue-like where you play as a severely injured man in the worst hospital in the world. You have to survive running around a randomly generated hospital to find the lone doctor in the entire building.
  • For this project I was the Tech Lead, overseeing two other programmers as we tackled procedural generation, AI, and all other aspects of scripting the game. This was one of many projects I worked on in Unity, but this had the biggest team involved and we accomplished a lot in the four months we had.

Lunch War!

  • iOS / Commercial Indie Title / Released July 2013
  • Lunch War! is a retro arcade shoot-em-up in the vein of Space Invaders and Centipede. You play as lunch lady Augusta Gudenov, a very passionate woman who just wants to keep the school population from eating the very un-healthy Fudgesicles that just arrived at the school.
  • This game was created by myself and my business partner John-Paul (JP) Yunque, with music by Swedish chiptune artist FantomenK. I learned a lot from this project, from programming in Stencyl to marketing to everything involved with releasing a game on the iOS App Store. Lunch War! wasn’t just the first full video game I worked on, it was the first first commercial game as well.